What have you learned about wealth management since earning your first $10 million?

It’s boring. Like watching the slowest fireworks show, as slow as drying paint on a wall. Aside from that, it’s all about dividing your wealth in as many baskets as possible and with as moderate to minimal risk as possible. While setting aside a budget for two different set of baskets, a smaller than the major one one for medium risk and a smaller one for higher risk, in hope for higher returns. Not to forget diversifying the portfolio assets and not to have the same assets in two nodes of your portfolio.

In other words your investment portfolio will end up looking like this after branching:

It would look more like fireworks if you view assets diversification:

Finally let’s not forget that the time of return depends on risk, so lower the risk the longer the investment terms. So you can imagine this node map in 4 dimensions with profit/loss over time.

Yet most won’t even bother with in depth analysis and will just buy real estate and invest in existing funds and portfolios and count only the milk they get annually, just like owning a cow farm.

They would see only one slice and won’t bother looking at the whole time tube- leaving it to each fund manager to look after, without looking at the overall image. But I guess that’s what makes the difference between a billionaire investor and a multimillionaire one.

In conclusion, what I learned is that to keep your money spread, like fireworks.

Make it rain all over the economy.

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